The Institute for College Access & Success Oakland, CA

Seven out of every ten bachelor's degree recipients now graduate with student loans, and their average debt is $30,100. Since low-income families are disproportionately affected, this has created virtually irreversible barriers to their and their children’s economic and social mobility. The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) was founded in 2004 to develop evidence-based policy, regulatory, and legislative remedies to address this national issue. Over the years, TICAS has become the “go to” organization on issues of student debt, and college affordability and accessibility, both nationally and in California. Its work is more important now than ever.

TICAS is a non-profit, nonpartisan research and policy organization with offices in Oakland, California, and Washington, DC, a full-time staff of 14, and an annual budget of approximately $2.5 million. TICAS identifies, advances, and defends the interests of low-income and underrepresented students in ways that are distinct and highly valued by advocates for students and other key populations and stakeholders, policymakers, and journalists, as documented by a recent environmental scan. It stays focused on what matters for students and borrowers, partnering successfully with a diverse range of organizations without the constraints or conflicts of interests that can arise in a multi-issue organization or organizations that are dependent on a membership base. Such independence is rare in the field and has led one policymaker to call TICAS “the conscience of financial aid.” TICAS is also unusual in having an ambitious, comprehensive vision for closing equity gaps in enrollment and outcomes while recommending pragmatic, more immediate steps that build toward the larger goal. The organization is widely cited in national and regional media, with more than 5,000 citations over the past two years.

For its next President, the organization seeks a visionary organizational leader with a strong background in policy research and advocacy. S/he must be someone who can build upon the Institute’s stellar reputation and track record and who can successfully position TICAS for the future – strategically, financially, and organizationally.

Ericka Miller is leading this search with Nanette Blandin. More information to follow.