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Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Isaacson, Miller was founded in 1982 with a clear and ambitious mission: to strengthen and diversify leadership in the civic sector. The commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion was fundamental to the creation of the firm, and continues today as the bedrock of our values and culture.

Over the past few years, the issues of racial inequality and social justice have animated a powerful and important national conversation. As a country, we still have not fully realized “equal protection of the laws” for all citizens as stated in the Constitution. At Isaacson, Miller, we believe that the work we do for our clients, the inclusive culture we foster for our colleagues, and the impact we create in the civic sector will all contribute to the ultimate achievement of our country’s founding principles.

As a firm, we are serious about this critical work. We are dedicated to listening and learning, offering a safe and supportive environment for our employees, and assisting organizations to build diverse leadership teams and ensure inclusive workplaces.

We know that bringing together diverse voices enhances our collective creativity, expands our horizons, deepens our human knowledge and understanding, and challenges us as individuals to grow and develop in new ways. Engaging meaningfully in the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion is essential for organizational leaders in the 21st century, and foundational to building a just and equitable society for all.