Damien C.
Damien Cabezas | Chief Executive Officer

North Suffolk Mental Health Association

North Suffolk Mental Health Association has selected Damien Cabezas as its next Chief Executive Officer, effective June 13, 2022.

Damien brings extensive experience as a national leader in human services and behavioral health, having served in leadership roles with VIP Community Services, Abilities, Inc., and The Fortune Society in New York and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County in California. Most recently, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Behavioral Health in Lynchburg, Virginia and President of Mercy Care in Atlanta, Georgia. As CEO of Horizon Behavioral Health, Damien measurably improved the organization’s impact as a critical service provider for the Lynchburg area through the growth and diversification of programming and funding, reduction of turnover, and enhancement of community outreach and engagement. North Suffolk is pleased to welcome Damien to Massachusetts.

Phillip Petree led this search with Tatiana Oberkoetter, supported by Ryan Smillie.