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Alan Wichlei


Alan Wichlei joined Isaacson, Miller in 1986. After a mid-career hiatus at Harvard University, he was persuaded to join the firm, where he has not only participated in nearly every practice area but where he also has contributed substantially to its management and development. He led the introduction of the firm's information systems and its professional development program and has consistently guided its knowledge management systems. His practice includes senior leadership searches for academic institutions, faith-based organizations, human service endeavors, private and community foundations, organizations redefining their mission and market strategies, and research university libraries. In his early career, Alan gravitated to innovative human service initiatives, helping translate imaginative concepts into practical programs. He co-founded the first psychiatric group home for adults in the state of Rhode Island. Over the next ten years, he grew this endeavor from a single program design in one residence to a multi-state agency providing the full range of residential and psychosocial rehabilitation services for the chronically mentally ill and their families.




  • BA, Yale University
  • MPA, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University