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Mr. Vin Cipolla Mr. Vin Cipolla

Historic New England

Vin Cipolla, nationally renowned for his leadership in the arts, historic preservation, and environmental conservation, was appointed the President and CEO of Historic New England (HNE) on June 1, 2020. Vin’s extensive experience and demonstrated success in non-profit and corporate management, fundraising, marketing, and communications, coupled with an ability to inspire passion in others, makes him an excellent choice to lead HNE into the future.

Historic New England (HNE) is the country’s oldest and largest regional heritage organization and is focused on preserving items, locations, and stories of the region’s many diverse communities dating from the mid-seventeenth century. Vin’s appointment comes at a time when arts and culture organizations all over the world are being challenged to rethink the ways in which they appeal to and reflect the experiences of their increasingly diverse audiences. The global pandemic has also raised questions about how institutions that are dependent upon physical viewership will continue to engage audiences in meaningful and sustainable ways. Now more than ever, it is important that leaders of cultural institutions are entrepreneurial, creative, and capable of stewardship that safeguards organizations that bind the world together.

Vin has extensive professional experience and has served as chair, president, and CEO at public and private organizations focused on preservation, environmental advocacy, and the arts across the country. His leadership experience in the cultural and conservation fields includes:

  • Executive Director of the David Geffen Hall Campaign (a partnership of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the New York Philharmonic)
  • President and CEO of the Municipal Art Society of New York
  • President and CEO of the National Park Foundation (a presidential appointment)
  • Executive Vice President and COO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
In addition, Vin has founded four successful corporate management and marketing consulting firms, most recently serving as the Founder and CEO of Five Mile River Co. A patron of cultural institutions even in his free time, Vin has held volunteer leadership positions for arts and culture non-profits, including Chairman of The Arts Arena, Chairman and President of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and Co-Chairman of the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy among many others. Vin will draw upon all of these experiences to continue to engage with audiences and inspire a new commitment to understanding the past as he leads HNE into the future.

Anita Tien led this search with Micah Pierce.

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