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Chief Executive Officer Washington, DC

Education and our nation are at a critical inflection point. As we become more diverse, inequities in our education system, and their cost to the nation, become more apparent. The speed of change in learning is faster than ever and continues to accelerate as our society becomes more networked and global. Our knowledge about how we learn is also growing exponentially, creating an opportunity to accelerate learning and spur economic and social growth. Today’s education system needs to transform to a dynamic continuous learning system, of lifelong learners and for lifelong learners, that continuously integrates new knowledge of learning into its practice for all students. The Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) seeks a new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is inspired by this challenge and will effectively advance the organization’s mission.

Founded in 2001 as a national policy and advocacy organization, All4Ed’s mission is to promote secondary education transformation to prepare every child for postsecondary and career success. All4Ed stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. It advocates primarily on behalf of students who are underperforming and/or historically underserved. Through its policy, advocacy, practice, and communications work, All4Ed strives to improve secondary education, with a special focus on the thousands of lowest-performing high schools, by supporting the need for higher achievement, innovation, and school system redesign for all public schools.

As education reform shifts to a greater focus on the state and district level, the CEO will, in many ways, redefine All4Ed. Long known for its exceptional work around federal secondary education advocacy and policy, All4Ed has become increasingly involved in similar advocacy at the state level and, at scale, with school districts to improve their policies and practice. Working with the board of directors and staff, the CEO will develop a coherent and compelling vision for All4Ed that continues its excellent work at the federal level and accelerates its expanding influence on states and districts to improve results for students.

The CEO will lead the organization through a new and inclusive strategic planning process, garnering support from staff, the board of directors, partners, funders, and other key individuals.

A new leader will deepen All4Ed’s commitment to equity and use this focus to knit together, internally and externally, All4Ed’s policy, advocacy, practice, and communication efforts. This is a unique opportunity to lead an organization whose clear focus is improving education for historically underserved students and who is committed to mobilizing the latest proven research and practice to reach its objectives. Based in Washington, DC, the CEO will be well supported in these efforts by a talented staff, passionate board members, and a strong national reputation.

All4Ed seeks in its next CEO a passionate and proven leader who can confidently build on its tremendous assets and compellingly guide All4Ed in the years to come. The CEO will be a captivating communicator who will help to distinguish All4Ed, effectively share its important work with a variety of audiences, and solidify its place nationally. The leader should also bring to the role a demonstrated commitment to addressing issues of systemic inequity in public education; an appreciation for the nexus of advocacy, policy, and practice in education transformation work; and a leadership style that encourages relationship- and partnership-building in support of the organization’s strategic, programmatic, and resource-generating efforts.

To be successful, the CEO will need to understand the education system and federal and state policy landscape, while also being comfortable working at the school, district, state, and federal levels. The CEO will develop, with key stakeholders, a forward-thinking vision that incorporates these different spheres. As an experienced manager, the next CEO will also adeptly oversee and develop staff, ensure the organizational structure matches All4Ed’s goals, effectively collaborate with the board of directors, and wisely manage and generate resources. The new CEO is expected to grow the organization and its financial reserves. With this in mind, the CEO will bring to this role experience in raising substantial funds to support an organization’s priorities.

Ericka Miller and Amy Segal are leading this search with Carmen Delehanty.

The Alliance engages employees without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, marital status, or any other characteristic covered by law.

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