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Chief Executive Officer Boston, MA

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) has selected Caitríona Taylor, the Boston College Director of Campus Recreation, to lead the organization. She will begin her tenure in June 2019.

Passionate about health and wellness, Caitríona is bringing her commitment to female empowerment and equal opportunities for girls and women to the girls, young women, and volunteers of GSEMA. Since 2011, Caitríona has been Director of Campus Recreation of Boston College. In this role she has been celebrated for many strategic accomplishments at the institution, from increasing revenues to managing health and wellness programs, as well as a significant role in launching a new multimillion dollar sports complex. As a member of the University’s 10-year “Student Life, Culture, and Formation” strategic planning committee, she helped enhance the overall student experience through focus groups, surveys, and tracking international trends. Despite all of these valuable institutional contributions, Caitríona’s most treasured accomplishment is how she has helped students embrace their potential, by serving as a mentor and supporting them with creative resources.

Along the way in her career, Caitríona has also been entrepreneur, co-founder and vice president of sales of the active lifestyle clothing company Crane & Lion, and has served as President of the eco-friendly yoga product start-up Kulae.

Caitríona graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. She also earned a Master of Business Administration in Global Administration and a Master of Higher Education in Student Affairs at Boston College.

Rebecca Swartz led this search with Leslie McCarthy.

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