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Base 11 Rocketry Research Associate Baltimore, MD

The Base 11 Rocketry Research Associate will provide fully dedicated efforts regarding the design, build, and launch of a Liquid-Fuel Rocket to a height of 150,000 feet by 2022. The $1.6 million commitment from Base 11, fused with additional philanthropic and material support garnered through the efforts of Morgan State University (“MSU”) leadership, will allow for the construction of the rocketry lab and the recruitment of additional students both at MSU and at partner institutions. Reporting directly to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the Research Professor will have broad authority and responsibility for the coordination of efforts at Purdue University’s Zucrow Laboratories and Morgan State University Faculty and Students in this effort.

The Research Associate will work closely with Professor Arthur Willoughby, other faculty and students at Morgan State University, to achieve the objectives of the project. The Research Associate will leverage these internal MSU relationships to facilitate close collaboration with Mr. Chris Nilsen and Dr. Scott Meyer of Purdue University, who will serve as primary liaisons for Purdue’s immediate and long-term partnership in MSU’s rocketry and aerospace engineering efforts.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Base 11 Rocketry Research Associate:

The Research Associate will:

  • Create efficient and effective collaborative working relationship among MSU faculty, students and the Purdue Zucrow Laboratories
  • Engage and coordinate with Purdue University partners to leverage planning, design, construction, use of equipment, materials, and access to facilities pursuant to the MOU
  • Build structures and systems to ensure safety processes and mechanisms
  • Make periodic reports on the progress regarding Morgan State’s launch requirements to MSU Division of Research and Economic Development leadership.
Experience and Qualifications

The successful candidate will embody many of the following qualities:

  • Expertise and experiences in rocket propulsion and design;
  • A record of scholarly achievement, and the ability to marry theory with implementation;
  • Technical management skills;
  • A deep commitment to interdisciplinary work; the wide-ranging intellectual and scientific interests to understand this work and its ties across a comprehensive university environment;
  • A deep commitment to education, and the engagement, and mentorship of young people;
  • High energy and creativity;
  • A sense of humor;
  • Integrity and the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Monroe "Bud" Moseley is leading this search with Vijay Saraswat.

Morgan State University is an equal opportunity employer

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