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President Los Angeles, CA

The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC (IACS), a research institute designed to preserve and advance the rich Catholic intellectual tradition in all its breadth and depth, seeks its next president. Established in 2004 to inspire fresh thinking, engage in productive and creative conversation, and facilitate interdisciplinary, interfaith research, the IACS has become a preeminent institute dedicated to the idea that an ongoing examination of the world from Catholic perspectives is a mission infinitely valuable to all people and religions.  It draws from an international pool of scholars from diverse disciplines and religious traditions to do innovative research and engage in sustained dialogue around the most pressing issues and the deepest concerns of our times.

 Governed by a board of directors that reflects today’s world – business leaders, academic leaders, and leaders from the Catholic faith tradition – IACS is led by its founding president Father James L. Heft, S. M., a Marianist priest and historian. For more than a decade, under the visionary leadership of Father Heft, the Institute has flourished, gaining international support from both lay and religious leaders while producing tremendous scholarly work. The Institute is located at the University of Southern California (USC), one of the world’s premier research institutions, which has welcomed and supported its mission.

As the Institute prepares for its next chapter, it intends to create a residential, independent center of advanced research focused on deepening and broadening Catholic intellectual life, located at USC.  The next president will have the opportunity to build on the Institute’s multi-million-dollar endowment, strong foundation of scholarship and research and make IACS the premier location for scholars committed to developing this great tradition for the service of the Church, the academy, and the world. In order to realize these goals, s/he will develop and solicit support of the board and its academic advisory council, broaden the base of financial support, and carefully steward the important relationship with leadership at USC. The next president will be familiar with the breadth of Catholic scholarship and its key contributors, and a strong leader with a demonstrated capacity for strategic visioning.   

Leslie McCarthy and Phillip Petree are leading this search.

The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies is an equal opportunity employer.

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