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Assistant Vice President, Data Analytics and Reporting Baltimore, MD

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), the state’s public health, law, and human services university, seeks an innovative, collaborative, leader to serve as its inaugural Assistant Vice President, Data Analytics and Reporting (AVP).

The AVP will serve as the founding director of UMB’s Office of Data Analytics and Reporting. The new office will support the entire University‘s analytic and reporting needs within and across a wide range of functional areas, including finance, academic affairs, research administration, human resources, student affairs, and philanthropy. The new office will be responsible for developing a decision support program that leverages data in the warehouse, and will advance the development of data management practices, business intelligence tools, the application of advanced analytics, and the development of interactive dashboards and reports. The AVP will work with key leaders in IT, in numerous administrative offices, and with personnel in schools and departments, in promoting the effective use of data to address key questions, assess performance, and inform decision-making. The AVP will bring a fresh perspective to administrative data management, analytics, and reporting within and across institutional sources of data. The person will identify opportunities to apply contemporary approaches to analytics and reporting through the use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

The AVP will join campus leadership in fostering a campus-wide culture of informed decision-making and a philosophy of comprehensive self-service reporting such that business intelligence tools and data analytics capabilities are available to all schools and departments. The person will promote enterprise-wide reporting and analytics program that opens the doors to more information and understanding about UMB, leading to data-informed decisions.

The AVP is responsible for consulting with and listening to UMB leaders; communicating the benefits and capabilities of the data analytics program; making presentations that demonstrate the value and outcomes produced by transparent BI technologies and data analytics; and encouraging the use of multiple administrative data sources and analytics for decision support related to the management of resources and achieving institutional and school-based goals and strategic outcomes.

Candidates should possess demonstrated experience in the field of information management or analytics and reporting; demonstrated expertise with business intelligence and predictive analytics, as well as using and/or leading data warehouse efforts; and significant experience with large databases and Enterprise Resource Planning statistical software programs, spreadsheets, and query, and data mining software.

Dan Rodas is leading this search with Liz Vago.

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