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Director and Principal Investigator Jackson, MS

The iconic Jackson Heart Study (JHS) seeks a visionary leader and accomplished scientist to serve as its next Director & Principal Investigator (Director). Continually funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 2000, JHS is a groundbreaking cohort study investigating cardiovascular disease in the African American community in Jackson, Mississippi. It represents a major step in addressing significant health disparities among Americans and is the largest single-site, prospective epidemiologic investigation of causes of cardiovascular disease among African Americans ever undertaken. The Study is defined by a unique collaborative model among four institutions – The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), Jackson State University (JSU), Tougaloo College, and Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) – in active partnership with the Jackson community and the National Institutes of Health. A study of this scope and ambition requires an inclusive, multi-faceted collaboration to meet its goals of increasing understanding of the origins, prevention, and management of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in a population heavily burdened by early development of chronic illness, building local, national and global research capacity, and developing the next generation of scientists of color.

The role of the Director is to parlay the accomplishments of the Study to increase its impact and catalyze future studies and interventions. The Director is charged with overall responsibility for all aspects of the Study with particular emphasis in providing scientific leadership as well as oversight and direction to the Principal Investigators of the six JHS collaborating centers. The current, retiring, Director also serves as the principal investigator (PI) of both the JHS Coordinating Center and the JHS Field Center at UMMC. Whether the next Director will serve as the PI for both of these centers is still to be determined; however, qualified candidates for the Director position should be prepared to serve in at least one of these roles.

The Director should be a proven leader with exceptional management and communication skills; an accomplished scholar with a record of attracting and managing competitive extramural funding and publication; and a visionary able to achieve the potential impact of population science on a large scale. By increasing the understanding of health disparities and translating that understanding into effective interventions, the Director has the unique opportunity to significantly contribute to reduction of health disparities and improving the quality of health across the country and the globe.

The Internal Advisory Board meets bi-monthly with the Director for oversight of the Study. The Director is advised by and works closely with an Executive Committee made up of designees from UMMC, JSU, Tougaloo College, and MSDH. A Steering Committee, chaired by the Director and made up of the Principal Investigators (PIs) of the six collaborating centers, representatives from the NHLBI, and a representative from the Jackson Field Site work closely with the Director to manage the day to day work of the Study. The Director also works closely with members of the team at the NHLBI.

 Philip Jaeger and Andrew Lee are leading this search with Ernest Brooks.

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