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Education Program Officers Menlo Park, CA

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (“Hewlett Foundation” or the “foundation”) seeks two collaborative, creative, equity-focused, outcomes-oriented leaders to serve as Program Officers in its Education Program (the “program”). As key members of the foundation’s Education team, these new Program Officers will engage in grantmaking within the K-12 Teaching and Learning and Open Education portfolios; will partner effectively and build and maintain strong relationships with grantees; and will monitor the progress of the program’s two strategies. They will also be deeply engaged in national conversations regarding educational equity and improvement and will prioritize the sharing of best practices related to impact, sustainability, and scalability with the field writ large.

Reporting to the Education Program’s Director, Kent McGuire, the Program Officers will work closely with a dedicated and dynamic team of colleagues to advance the Program’s overarching goal of ensuring that every student–no matter where they live or what they look like–has access to high quality teaching and learning opportunities that empower and equip them to become an engaged and thriving participant in society. The team is committed to listening carefully to what students are telling us, regarding both their current school environment, and the types of experiences they believe are most likely to prepare them to be engaged citizens. Beyond mastery of core content, students’ ability to work from primary sources in grappling with current issues, listen empathetically to others, engage in debate with those holding opposing views, and work collaboratively to solve problems exemplify Hewlett’s commitment to deeper learning. The program pursues this commitment by working within the education system, supporting teachers and administrators in their efforts to create transformative learning opportunities for their students, and by working with and in communities to give expression to what they want their children to know and be able to do. The Program Officers must be based out of the Hewlett Foundation office in Menlo Park, California, and are eligible to serve a term of eight years.

Successful candidates will exhibit a passion for the team’s vision of teaching and learning. They will provide thought leadership around this vision and bring a strong desire to enact this vision through grantmaking and associated grants management efforts. They will also bring a keen understanding of education systems and best practices for their improvement, a strong commitment to public education, exceptional skills in working and communicating effectively with others, and a deep commitment to addressing issues of equity and diversity in education today.

Ericka Miller is leading this search with Martens Roc.

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