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Vice Chancellor for Research Berkeley, CA

The University of California, Berkeley, has selected Dr. Katherine Yelick as its new Vice Chancellor for Research, effective January 1, 2022.

A computer scientist, Dr. Yelick brings 30 years of experience as an active scholar, teacher and leader on campus and at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Most recently she has served as the executive associate dean in the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society. Since joining the Berkeley faculty in 1991, Dr. Yelick has made a name for herself as both a preeminent scholar in the field of parallel computing and as a skilled and effective scientific leader. In addition to serving as the executive associate dean at CDSS, she is a Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Berkeley and a senior faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab.

Dr. Yelick also spent 11 years in leadership and management roles at Berkeley Lab, where she oversaw a variety of initiatives, including the opening of new computing facility Shyh Wang Hall, the founding of the Berkeley Quantum collaboration, the formation of the lab’s machine learning for science initiative, and the launch of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project.

Dr. Yelick earned her undergraduate degree, master’s degree, and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This search was led by David Bellshaw and Rebecca Kennedy with Ludi Chow.

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