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President Paris, France

The American University of Paris (AUP), a small, independent university located in the prestigious 7th arrondissement of Paris, seeks a dynamic, innovative and visionary leader as its next President. Chartered as a liberal arts institution in 1962, AUP provides a student-centered, academically rigorous, and career-enabling education to degree-seeking students, both undergraduate and graduate, from around the world.

A distinctive liberal arts university due to its mission and global focus, AUP’s faculty and staff of 225 engage throughout the academic year with a student body of 1100 students, enabling them to cross cultural borders and academic disciplines with ease and to assume their places as responsible global citizens. These students represent more than 100 nationalities and speak 65 languages.

The size of the student body combined with the institution’s pedagogical philosophy creates an intimate, engaging, and stimulating educational environment. Classes at AUP are conducted in English, though most students and faculty speak more than one language. The University’s 21st century curriculum is designed to prepare students for tomorrow’s world where critical thinking, communication skills, digital mastery and cross-cultural understanding will be required.

In recent years, AUP has benefitted from exceptional presidential leadership and the support of a highly engaged, knowledgeable and international Board of Trustees. The University has expanded its physical plant, made gains in every major institutional metric and established a firm foundation for growth.

For its next President, AUP seeks an experienced and accomplished leader to build on this positive momentum and accelerate its upward trajectory, firmly securing its financial base and its reputation. The successful candidate will enthusiastically embrace its liberal arts foundation, its deep commitment to educating global learners, and its ethos of social responsibility and engagement. The AUP Presidency offers an exceptional opportunity for a gifted, inspirational executive to lead this distinctive center of liberal arts education in the heart of one of the world’s most intellectually and culturally stimulating cities.

The Presidential Search Committee at the American University of Paris includes members of the AUP Board of Trustees as well as faculty and staff including: Elena Berg; Doris Daughney (chair); Valerie Fodé; John Klein; Achim Klüber; Barbara Reno (co-chair); Tim Rogers; Jacqueline Routier; Steve Sawyer.

Dan Rodas and Vivian Brocard are leading this search with Micah Pierce and Gregg Glover.

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