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President Englewood Cliffs, NJ

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation (Gold Foundation), the nation’s premier advocate for humanism in healthcare, invites applications and nominations for the role of President and Chief Executive Officer (President).

Founded in 1988, the Gold Foundation works with healthcare professionals to ensure that compassion, respect, and empathy are at the core of all healthcare team and patient interactions – in essence, Keeping Healthcare Human. With the myriad challenges facing our healthcare system, including patient disconnection and clinician burnout, the Gold Foundation’s vision of a better future remains more urgent than ever. The Gold Foundation has had a remarkable impact on healthcare education and clinical practice through innovative education and training programs, awards, and ceremonies in medical and nursing schools, healthcare facilities, and professional societies. The Gold Foundation strengthens the commitment of current and future healthcare professionals to value and provide compassionate, patient-centered care. Through its work over the past three decades, the Gold Foundation has earned a reputation as a pioneering leader and catalyst for humanism in medicine, as well as a respected developer of programs for healthcare providers. 

Following the successful tenure of Dr. Arnold P. Gold, the inaugural Board Chair, and Dr. Sandra Gold, inaugural President, the organization selected Dr. Richard Levin, the former dean of the McGill School of Medicine, to be its next leader. Over the past ten years, the Gold Foundation has become a widely recognized leader for its efforts to further humanism in healthcare. During Dr. Levin’s tenure, the Gold Foundation significantly increased membership opportunities and revenue. This next transition in leadership affords the new President an opportunity to build on the momentum created by current and past leadership and guide the organization to achieve sustainable levels of success and impact on a national and an international scale. The new President will be committed to and passionate about advancing the mission of humanism in healthcare and will activate that passion to secure the necessary resources to strengthen and grow the Gold Foundation and its impact in the years to come. 

Key areas of interest include increasing the impact and visibility of the Gold Foundation at the national and international levels, accelerating the transition to a membership- and service-based organization, and raising the national and global visibility and brand recognition of the organization. The President will inspire, energize, and engage the board, staff, members, supporters, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders to help the Gold Foundation realize its mission. Ideal candidates will have an advanced degree and be an innovative leader experienced in or intimately familiar with healthcare, be a respected and well-known thought leader in their field and be skilled in all customary organizational and executive functions.

All inquiries, applications, and nominations should be directed electronically below. 

Stephanie Fidel and Ben Tobin are leading this search with Jean Jacoby and Nathaniel Rodriguez-Sosa.

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