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Excellence, Integrity + Impact

Clients We Serve

For over 40 years, Isaacson, Miller has partnered with mission-driven organizations to solve their most demanding leadership challenges. We serve clients across the civic sector, building highly qualified and diverse leadership teams to shape the future.

Insight, Diversity + Leadership

By Industry

Isaacson, Miller serves clients across the civic sector, identifying leaders with specific experience to drive their mission forward.

Arts + Culture

Isaacson, Miller partners with arts and culture organizations whose missions celebrate creativity, innovation, education, public service, and audience engagement.

Conservation + Environment

We have a deep, longstanding record serving international, national, regional, and urban conservation and environmental organizations as well as funders supporting these groups. 

Healthcare, Academic Medicine + Health Sciences

Our record recruiting senior administrative leaders for multi-faceted roles in healthcare, academic medicine, and health sciences, is based on continuous appraisal of an increasingly complex sector. 

Higher Education

With more than half our work devoted to university and college leadership, we believe we have the nation’s largest and most diverse practice in higher education, spanning academic administration and functional leadership.

Human + Social Services / General Civic Sector

From our earliest days Isaacson, Miller has supported and empowered the country’s leading human and social services organizations, as well as nonprofits and civic institutions committed to revitalizing and strengthening the fabric of communities. 


Isaacson, Miller relies on a global network stretching throughout North and Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia to serve our domestic and international clients.


We have served hundreds of foundations across the country in searches for CEOs, senior program and administrative leaders, and trustees.

Insight, Diversity + Leadership

By Functional Role

Isaacson, Miller recruits exceptional leaders ranging from Presidents and CEOs/Executive Directors, to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership, Board and Trustee placements, and Chief Officers of various functional and administrative services.

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Presidents/CEOs/Executive Directors

Our understanding of the power of exceptional leadership drives our success in recruiting transformational presidents, CEOs, and executive directors across the civic sector.

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CDO/Diversity Leadership

We recruit equity, diversity, and inclusion leadership across all sectors, and conduct searches for founding diversity officers as well as for successors.

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Isaacson, Miller is experienced in recruiting senior executives to board and trustee roles.