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Advancement + Fundraising

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Our Experience

Isaacson, Miller’s advancement practice supports the full range of organizations across the civic sector.


Our Clients

Our substantial advancement practice spans higher education, healthcare, research institutes, cultural organizations, independent schools, and a range of other philanthropic organizations.


Advancement Roles

Our experience largely focuses on senior-level roles, with Isaacson, Miller often returning to help clients and our placements build robust teams across all functional areas within Advancement. 


Our Specialized Team

We bring a unique combination of executive search quality and expertise, as well as the ability to tailor our search strategy and process to factor in external and internal dynamics, economics, and broader trends in the sector. We have a seasoned and dedicated team exclusively committed to search in the Advancement field, who bring a highly relational approach to engaging relevant networks and leveraging a depth of knowledge in the Advancement space to the benefit of our clients. 

Experience + Dedication

Evidence of Impact


Years of experience, developing our understanding of the characteristics that define leaders capable of guiding our clients to a successful future.


Advancement searches since our founding.


Advancement consultants who bring years of experience and expertise in the field.


Specialized advancement team; seasoned and dedicated, and exclusively committed to search in the advancement field.

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