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PreK-12 Education + Education Improvement

Insight, Diversity, Leadership

Our Experience

Isaacson, Miller’s PreK-12 Education + Education Improvement practice is well known for the breadth of our expertise and impact.


Our Clients

Our Isaacson, Miller consultants are proficient in and passionate about supporting the recruitment of leaders across the education sector, from early childhood settings to teacher preparation programs at schools and colleges of education. We have concentrated our work on the recruitment of leaders for innovative education and youth development non-profits of all sizes; national and regional education funders; education policy, research, and advocacy organizations; education service providers; and schools and school systems, including independent schools, charters, and traditional publics.

Our Approach

We approach each search with a commitment to collaboration and genuine partnership. Education and advocacy are central to Isaacson, Miller’s civic mission, and our team is deeply committed to recruiting exceptional leaders who are dedicated, above all else, to advancing the compelling missions of our clients. We understand the importance of helping our clients hire the right leader to meet their organization’s specific moment in time, and we invest time early in the search process to really learn the current operating context and culture of every client and to hear from the key stakeholders who are immersed in the day-to-day rhythms and work.

Our Commitment

In order to develop into society’s future leaders, children must see elements of themselves in their own leaders right now. This further deepens our commitment to recruiting a diverse slate of candidates across the education spectrum. We also take seriously our commitment to ensuring an equitable candidate experience in every search.

Experience + Dedication

Evidence of Impact


Women Placements

In 2023, 59% of our practice's placements identified as women.


POC Placements

In 2023, 41% of our practice's placements were people of color.



Since our founding, we have conducted more than 500 searches across PreK-12 Education + Education Improvement.


C-Level Positions

69% of our PreK-12 Education + Education Improvement searches in the past five years were for C-level positions.

How to Think Differently


Lead the Future

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