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Human + Social Services

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Our Experience

From our earliest days Isaacson, Miller has supported and empowered the country’s leading nonprofit human and social services organizations.


Our Clients

Our clients in this sector care for our society’s most vulnerable populations and include child protective services, behavioral healthcare organizations, developmental disabilities providers, agencies serving low-income families, the homeless, the adjudicated, and more. Through longstanding partnerships we have developed an intimate understanding of how strong, smart, and purposeful leaders advance our clients’ unique missions, and we deeply appreciate the important role that community-based human services organizations play in strengthening our society. 


Our Commitment 

We recruit leaders who are passionate about the work and approach leadership with innovative strategies to meet not only the challenges of today, but also the challenges of the future.

Experience + Dedication

Evidence of Impact


Women Placements

In 2022, 65% of our Human + Social Services practice’s placements identified as women.


POC Placements

In 2022, 45% of our Human + Social Services practice’s placements were people of color.



Since our founding, we have conducted more than 300 searches in Human + Social Services.


Years of Experience + Results

For more than 40 years, we have developed and tested our understanding of the characteristics that define strong, visionary, inclusive, and effective leaders required to guide our clients into the future.

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