Recruiting exceptional leaders for mission-driven organizations.

Human & Social Services

It is through nonprofit human services agencies that the most needy in our society are supported, cared for, empowered and transformed. Child protective services, behavioral healthcare organizations, developmental disabilities providers, agencies serving low income families, the homeless, the adjudicated and more, all need strong, smart, purposeful leadership. From its earliest days Isaacson, Miller has held a deep appreciation for the difficult and multiple roles played by community-based human services agencies. Today, as diminished government funding intersects increasing need, our commitment to recruit the best talent possible for such organizations is more important than ever.


Oak Hill

Barry Simon makes invaluable contributions to disability services in Connecticut as President and CEO of Oak Hill.

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Jewish Family & Children's Service

Gail Schulman named the next CEO of Jewish Family & Children's Service.

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New England Village

Michael Rodrigues has been named the next CEO of New England Village.

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Crossroads School

Mark Dumas has been named the President and CEO of the Crossroads School.

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Exemplary Leadership

Marcus Allen was exactly the leader that BBBS SEPA needed to raise its profile, recruit mentors for children-at-risk, and exemplify its fundamental belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life.

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