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L. Mills
Linda Mills, JD, LCSW, PhD | President

New York University, President

New York University’s Board of Trustees announced Linda G. Mills, JD, LCSW, PhD as the University’s 17th president. She will be the first woman president of NYU, one of the most respected universities in the world.

William Berkley, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, said, “We couldn’t be more pleased by the selection of Linda Mills as president. Linda has been deeply involved in many of NYU’s most important undertakings over the past decade. She brings a data-driven approach to analysis and decision-making, yet never loses sight of the very human elements at the heart of a university - the passion of scholars for their field, the interaction between faculty member and student, the ambitions and welfare of students in and out of the classroom, and the trust that students’ families place in us. As Board Chair and an alumnus, I take great pride in NYU and how far it has come since my student days; nevertheless, there is still much work to do. My colleagues on the Board and I have complete confidence that Linda is just the right person to continue to carry on NYU’s academic trajectory.”

Mills has served as NYU’s Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice Provost for Global Programs and University Life for more than a decade. In this role, she was responsible for overseeing NYU’s unrivaled global presence and shaping and supporting the student experience. Mills is a chaired professor of social work, public policy and law, a social scientist, licensed clinical social worker, and an attorney known for her groundbreaking research on domestic violence, as well as an award-winning filmmaker.

Read the full announcement here

John Isaacson and John Muckle led this search with Claire Hennessey, Diana Carmona, Ethan Thomas, and Mindy Cimini.